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            Professional high temperature magnetic pump | high pressure magnetic pump | high temperature and high pressure magnetic pump manufacturer

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            Shanghai Lingnai Special Magnetic Pump Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of special magnetic drive pumps integrating scientific research, production and sales. After restructuring and innovation, the company has been committed to the research and development and production of special magnetic drive pumps for many years. The magnetic drive pumps produced are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronics, smelting, dyes, electroplating, environmental protection, fine chemicals and many other industries. It is unanimously favored and praised by users.The main series of magnetic drive pumps produced by our company are: CQG, CQB series high temperature magnetic drive pumps, CQG(G), CQB(G… ...


            High temperature magnetic drive pump

            HIGH PRESSURE

            High pressure magnetic drive pump series


            High temperature & high pressure magnetic drive pump

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            How to maintain high pressure magnetic drive pump?

            High pressure magnetic pump (also known as high pressure magnetic drive pump) is mainly composed of several parts such a…...

            Five major areas of application for magnetic pumps

            With the user's concept of increasingly updated, magnetic pump itself from time to time innovative technology to lead th…...

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